On-line classes at Bolashaq Academy: Department of Legal Disciplines

Participants and organizers of the academic process continue to share their thoughts online.

Head of the Department of Legal Disciplines, Candidate of Science, Professor A.T. Kabzhanov:

For two weeks already we together with the whole country have switched to the format of distance learning or simply speaking to “Distance”.

If in the beginning there were some foul-ups, now everything is gradually improving. As they say: “Moscow was not built at once.” The problems faced by the faculty were quickly resolved by the management and staff of the IT centre. We also feel a lot of consultative assistance from the Ministry of Education and Science.

By switching to the distance, we were absorbed in a new environment, which allowed us to improve our computer skills and abilities.

During this time, the digital literacy of our colleagues has increased dramatically and it is not just a matter of time, but also an urgent need in the modern realities of life.

As for personal feelings, we should admit that we feel like freelancers!

In general, the situation is pleasant: freelancers not only work comfortably themselves, but also make the world better. Pay attention to how much cleaner it became in our favorite city!

There is a lack of vibrant socialization, for some reason I want to work! But in quarantine conditions it is necessary to take precautions.

Students showed zeal and dexterity during classes, gave advice to teachers to technically improve the quality of classes.

Students showed great interest in the new form of education.

With great respect and expression of moral support to all colleagues at Bolashaq Academy, the staff of the Department of Legal Disciplines.

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