REGULATIONS on the competition of research papers of students and undergraduates of PE “Academy “Bolashaq”

The contest of student and master’s scientific works is held in order to
Development of students and undergraduates research skills
and searching creativity, involvement of students and undergraduates to research activity, to realization of social orders on
development of the Kazakhstani society and its education sphere on the basis of
innovative technologies and selection of the best student and master
works for participation in republican competition.
The subjects of scientific works submitted for the competition should be connected with
with actual problems of a modern science and development of Kazakhstani society
The theme of the submitted research works should be connected with actual problems of a modern science and development of Kazakhstani society, is devoted, first of all, to formation and development of the sphere of education
Education, solution of problems of training, upbringing and development of young generation.
growing up generation.

Contest works should correspond to the following
research directions:

Prospects for the development of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
The problems of the financial system and improvement of competitiveness
The problems of the financial system and increasing the competitiveness of the national economy;
Psychological and pedagogical aspects of the developing personality;
Innovative approaches in the organization of the processes of education, training
The innovative approaches in organizing the processes of upbringing, education and development of personality in the conditions of lifelong learning;
Kazakh Philology: Present and Future;
Knowledge of Languages – the Basis for Intercultural Communication;
Current Problems of Social-Humanitarian Sciences;
Current problems of chemical-pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences at the present stage of development.

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