Meeting with a famous person: Omirkul Ainiyazov

On February 20, within the walls of Bolashaq Academy, the Committee on Youth Affairs held a meeting of teachers and students with the Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with Kazakh famous person Omirkul Ainiyazov.

The guest of honor of the project “Meeting with a famous person” answered all the questions of students. He told about how the creative life began, about the attitude to other famous personalities, about the views of today’s youth to perform patriotic, folk songs.

At the end of the meeting the artist performed one of the author’s works called ‘Amandasu’ on the dombra, translated as ‘Greetings’. By numerous requests of the audience, the singer also sang the famous song ‘Baytak Elim’.

The rector of the academy, professor Menlibayev Kuralbay Nesipbekovich expressed his gratitude and traditionally presented chapan to the guest of the southern capital. In reply Omirkul Ainiyazov thanked for the invitation of organizers, made a photo in memory, gave parting words to students, also invited to his solo concert taking place in Karaganda on February 21.

Meirbek Baishagirov, Chairman of the Youth Committee

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