The 4th meeting of “TED Talks Club” took place in “Bolashaq” Academy

The theme of the 4th session was “Inventions” and we watched the video “My simple invention, designed to keep my grandfather safe”.

In the film, the speaker talks about a simple invention that helped fight Alzheimer’s disease at his grandfather.

We were able to do everything planned. The peculiarity of the class was that the students of the 7th form joined us, who surprisingly coped with the tasks much more successfully than high school students: at last, the club members were able to guess the meaning of the word in the context of the sentence taken from the script to the performance and say the correct definition in English to most words.

We actively discussed the video, having listened to several different points of view on this topic. The students were unable to fully understand all of the speaker’s words because of his accent, but this did not prevent them from grasping many of the main details. The last participants did a critical thinking assignment in groups, where each group should guess from a picture, what the invention is depicted on it, what it is for, and answer in English.

Although all groups were offered the same picture, each group had its own answer choice and it was interesting to listen to them. This time the group work was more successful, albeit noisy, which sometimes made it difficult to hear each other’s answers.

Senior teacher of FL&IC Department A.N. Kalizhanova

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