Meeting of students with a theologian

On the 2nd of February an online meeting on the topic “Religious extremism, terrorism and their consequences” with the head of the information and analytical center under the Department of Religious Affairs of Karaganda region, G. B. Dalabaeva, was held on the platform ZOOM.

During the meeting Gulnara Bakenovna told the students how to avoid the temptations of extremist organizations, the activity of which is forbidden on the territory of Kazakhstan. In addition, she noted that low religious literacy leads to the fact that young people go astray, so you need to be especially careful when receiving any information. Also, misinformation spread through social media should be avoided. Simple actions such as keeping or spreading misinformation are against the law and in most cases lead to criminal liability. During the meeting, students asked questions and received comprehensive answers. It is worth noting that such meetings at the university will continue in the future.

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