Start! Philology Island Group Meeting

On October 13 the first meeting of Philology Island group was held online.

For one academic hour students moved to Philology Island, where they talked about language, literature and science.

During the first meeting of the group was presented a plan of activities for 2020-2021, the announcement of the next meeting, as well as a critical analysis of the story.

A short philosophical story by Daniel Harms in an ironic style represents human nature. During the discussion, students and teachers were looking for author’s ideas hidden between the lines, and at the end were able to decipher the intricate title of the story.

The online meeting of the group was attended by full-time students: Tsantsuraeva Leyla, Surovtsev Danil, Assilova Sabina, Makarchuk Yana, Apostolova Anastasia, Bazarov Ruslan, Yermek Tolganay, Mukhamedzhanov Adil, distance and correspondence students: Sagymbekova Saltanat and Saulehan Aigul.

Anna Kalizhanova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of FL and IC Kalizhanova, and Asel Kuatovna Khomutova, head of the Philology Island circle, also actively participated in a literary conversation with students.

A special Philology Island course was created on the Moodle platform, where online meetings of the group will be held, and stories and other materials will be attached.

The next meeting of the club is scheduled for October 30. Our online island is waiting for its participants!

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