Integrity Hour “Bauyrzhan Momyshuly: Honor and Valor – Characteristics of a Hero”

On October 13 students of “Bolashaq” Academy took an active part in traditional all-republican single Hour of decency “Bauyrzhan Momyshuly: honor and valor are the signs of hero”.
Courage, devotion, fortitude – these qualities made Baurzhan Momyshuly a national hero. This year the winner of many awards, writer, Hero of the Soviet Union is 110 years old.
During the Integrity Hour, we talked about Momyshuly’s heroic deeds and life principles.
He was not only an honest and disciplined hero, but also a wise writer, devoted to the Fatherland.

“Love for the Fatherland begins with love for your parents, for your aul where you grew up. Only then a man becomes a patriot. It is necessary to respect not only your parents, but also other people’s parents. Those who do not respect the stone of their native aul cannot respect the mountain of another aul either. If you respect yourself, you will be able to respect others,” wrote Baurzhan Momyshuly.

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