Cooperation with Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts

December 13, 2019, in the framework of cooperation with the Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts Director of “Rukhaniyat” Center A.U. Aupenova took part in the opening of exhibitions “Monumental Painting of Karaganda: from Mosaic to Street Art” and “History of One Painting”.

One of the forms of implementation of the state program “Rukhani Zhangyru” was the project “The History of One Painting”, embodied in the joint work of the Museum of Fine Arts and the regional television channel “Saryarqa”.

The author of the project “History of One Painting” is a researcher of the Museum A.S. Omarova. The project involved almost the entire staff of museum workers from the head to the curator of the funds. Researchers raised materials, biographical information, found relatives or closely knew the authors of paintings, acted as consultants in the project.

The directors-editors of the “Saryarqa” TV channel, who enthusiastically took up filming, showed an active interest in the project, being carried away by museum workers.

The TV project includes the history of 12 paintings from the museum collection, written by different authors and at different times. The most difficult for museum workers was the selection of works, as any work of art is worthy of popularization.

From more than 11 thousand museum exhibits for the project were chosen 12 paintings, written by the most famous authors of Karaganda and Kazakhstan, as well as 3 paintings of the repressed artists, who got on Karaganda land during the Stalinist repressions.

In the TV project the museum researchers together with the directors tried to reveal through the history of one painting the history of origin and development of Karaganda school of painting, and the history of the city and its inhabitants. Among them:

– “Against the will in Karaganda. The tragic history of artist Eifert.”

– “Still Life with Plaster Head” S. Ivashev-Musatov.

– “V.Krylov. “Kumys”

– “M. Abylkasov” “Conversation.”

The opening of the exhibition was attended by employees of the Karaganda Regional TV Channel “Saryarqa”, speakers, project participants, art historians and artists, managers and cultural workers, and media representatives.

The exhibition also included a presentation of books-albums from the “History of One Painting” project and “Monumental Painting of Karaganda: from Mosaic to Street Art”. These publications were presented to the research center “Rukhaniyat” by the head of Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts B.S.Kudabaev.

The book-album “Karaganda Monumental Painting: from Mosaics to Street Art”, published in the framework of the program “Rukhani Zhangyru”, is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the city and the main stages of development of Karaganda monumental art from the 60s of the XX century to the present day. The book-album tells about mosaic panels, interiors of public buildings, sculptural reliefs and modern graffiti.

We express our gratitude to the Karaganda Regional Museum of Fine Arts for cultural and educational activities.

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