Karaganda pharmacists make modern history

On September 28, 2019 in Almaty the defense of M.A. Zhunusova’s dissertation took place at Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, employee of Karaganda Medical University on the theme: “Pharmaceutical development of medicines from plant raw materials Scabiosa ochroleuca L. and Scabiosa isetensis L.” for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on specialty 6D074800 – “Technology of pharmaceutical production”, the scientific adviser of which was the associate professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines of the Academy “Bolashaq”, candidate of biological sciences M.Yu. Ishmuratova.

The dissertation of the applicant is devoted to the study of wild medicinal plants of Central Kazakhstan (clan scabiosis), the development of regulatory documents and pilot regulations with subsequent implementation of the resulting drugs in medical practice.

For the first time researches on resources of two types of scabiosis, pharmacognostic study of raw materials, obtaining and research of carbon-acid extracts of Iset and pale yellow scabiosis, assessment of biological activity of the obtained extracts and their standardization were performed. The results were tested in the form of publications in the journals included in the CCSON and Thomson Reuters databases, as well as at international and national scientific conferences.

The obtained results are new and have practical significance: for the first time the normative documentation on plant raw materials and carbon-acid extracts of Isetskaya Scabiosa and Pale-Yellow Scabiosa was developed; pilot regulations on carbon-acid extracts of Isetskaya Scabiosa and Pale-Yellow Scabiosa were developed and approved.
The peculiarity of this protection was the fact that it was first passed on the basis of a national university in an autonomous council, which has the right to award academic degrees without review and verification of work.

The defense of the work was held at a high scientific level, was highly appreciated by members of the Dissertation Council, as well as foreign and domestic reviewers. The defense lasted for 3,5 hours, the applicant was asked 28 questions, where comprehensive answers were given. As a result of the defense 100% of the Dissertation Council members voted “for” the approval of the degree of Doctor of PhD.

It is worth noting the friendly atmosphere of KazNMU and high professionalism of teachers, as well as the spirit for joint further research and the possibility of mutual review of materials and publications.

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