Defence of master’s theses on-line at “Finance” Department

On May 25, 2020 and June 1, 2020 the defences of Master’s degree students of MF 19-1s, MF 18-1 Koilekbaev Madi Askarovich, Altmysheva Madina Erlanovna and Omarova Aliya Ualievna were held. Using the program (SKYPE)

25 May 2020

1 June 2020
Full name of master’s studentТhemes
1Koilekbayev Madi Askarovich (МF 19-1 s)Formation and use of credit bank resources
2Altmysheva Madina Yerlanovnа (МF 18-1)Anti-recessionary regulation of banking activities
3Omarova Aliya Ualiyevna (МФ 18-1)Tax mechanism and its role in the implementation of state financial policy

The works were protected on the following topics:

The commission is composed of:

Chairman of the SAC;

Gulnar Altynsarovna Khasenova – Candidate of Science (Economics), Deputy Director of Karaganda Regional Branch of JSC Zhilstroisberbank Kazakhstan.

– Members of the commission:

Daribekova Aigul Sagatbekovna – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of “Finance” chair;

Omarova Balnur Altynsarovna – Ph.D., Professor,

Musanova Ayman Kadyrkhanovna – Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor,

Kadyrova Gulzhan Adilovna – Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor.

Secretary of the Commission:

Daribekova Nazgul Sagatbekovna, M.E., Associate Professor of the department “Finance”.

The Commission heard the protection of magistrates through presentations and assessed as follows:

– Madi Askarovich Koylekbaev (MoF 19-1 s) – 80 points – “B” – “Good”;

– Altmysheva Madina Erlanovna (MoF 18-1) – 95 points – “A”- “Excellent;

– Aliya Ualievna Omarova (IF 18-1) – 95 points – “A”- “Excellent.

After announcing the results of the defense, the Chairman and members of the committee wished success to the magistrates.

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