International student scientific and practical conference “RUSSIAN LANGUAGE: PERSONALITY, CULTURE, PROFESSION”.

On April 20, the International Student Scientific and Practical Conference “RUSSIAN LANGUAGE: PERSONALITY, CULTURE, PROFESSION” was held at the RUDN University in Moscow.

Goals and objectives of the conference:

-stimulate the research activities of students of non-philological specialties in the professional field in Russian;

– develop and improve scientific and academic contacts between universities, departments, and young researchers.

Students from various educational programs, such as Pedagogy and Psychology, Jurisprudence, Finance, PiMNO, EDL, participated in the annual conferences at the invitation of the RUDN University in Moscow from our Academy.

At this conference, students of the educational program 6B10101- “Pharmacy” presented their scientific research:

  1. Orazgali Aizhan (FM-22-1). Modern pharmacy design.
  2. Danoyan Victoria Eduardovna (FM-21-1). Sanitary and microbiological examination of fermented milk food products.
  3. Selivanov Georgy Andreevich (FM-20-1). Pharmacist Communication Skills

Congratulations to the students and their supervisors on their successful performance at the conference! We wish you further creative and scientific success!

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