Independence Day Concert

On December 12, 2019, a gala concert dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at Bolashaq Academy.

By tradition, the rector of “Bolashaq” academy, Professor K.N. Menlibayev, began with awarding students. Activists of the Academy were awarded with honorary diplomas, letters of thanks from the Academy.

Then the order on personnel of the Academy was read out. Rector’s diploma of the Academy, honorary diploma of akim of Kazybekbi district, gratitude letter of akim of Kazybeykbi district, honorary diploma of akim of Karaganda city were given to teachers and employees of “Bolashaq” academy.

We congratulate students and employees of “Bolashaq” academy with deserved awards.

The festive evening continued the concert. It was held in the format of the “Two Stars” song festival. Musical compositions about our country, about the Motherland were performed by students and teachers to the friendly applause and ovation of all present.

All performers of festive numbers received letters of gratitude for active participation in the festive event.

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