Evening of poetry “life stands in November”

Poetry is the art of the word. An unparalleled example of artistic excellence in literature. Moreover, poetry has a great opportunity to reflect the most important social and social phenomena. It is a powerful tool for learning about the world around us, life, a huge productive sphere of our public consciousness, artistic and aesthetic sense. Therefore, the picture of the word in poetry is nourished by the reality of life and is directly connected with it. The skill of using words, artistic skill is the ability to recognize, comprehend the phenomena of life. The ability is deeply rooted in the power of artistic thought and feeling.

The new Maikuduk Cultural House hosted an evening of poetry and an award ceremony organized by Karaganda poets “Kasym Omir Tur”. “I don’t know,” he said. It is clear that the touching poetry and moral words of our poets can touch any student.
At the evening, such poets as Zhanat Zhankhashuly, Zhalel Kuandykuly, Elmira electoral, Erik Naryn presented their poems. We express our gratitude to the poets who sang the song!

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