Meyirimdi tu etken ayauly jan

On February 12 Sara Altysovna Nazarbayeva, President of the International Social Fund “Bobek” celebrates her 80th birthday.

February 10, 2021 Academy “Bolashaq” together with Karaganda Industrial University of Temirtau held a teleconference “Light of goodness, love and humanism” dedicated to the anniversary of Sara Alpyssovna with the participation of famous world and Kazakh figures.

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On February 10 of this year, the bolashaq Academy hosted an online teleconference on the theme” Meyirim, love and kindness “with the participation of the cities of Karaganda-Temirtau-Moscow-Tbilisi-Almaty-Nur-Sultan. This Tele-bridge was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of one of the outstanding Kazakh figures, Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva. “I don’t know,” I said.

A woman was considered a nest of the Kazakh generation, looked at her eyelids, looked at her need, and considered her famous grandmother to be the patroness of the dynasty. This is the first time in the history of the Kazakh Khanate that the Kazakh Khanate was formed. “Justice, form, shame, Mercy, Mercy” – everything comes from the heart (17th word), says Hakim Abay. And the owner of the heart will always be a mother.

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Opening the evening, Rector of the Bolashaq Academy Kuralbay Nesipbekovich Menlibayev said in his speech: “mother shakes the cradle with one hand, the world with the other”. If you look at the folds of Native history, the women born in the Kazakh steppe were naturally noble, intelligent, courageous people. It is enough to give examples of our mothers – Umai-Ana, Tomiris and Domalak Ana, bopai khanim and Karkabat, Ulpan, who received a European education. Sara Alpyskyzy continues the tradition of such unique personalities, who became the embodiment of the Kazakh people. She is Shokan’s mother-Ayganym, Abay’s grandmother-Zeredey”, – noted the place of Sara Alpyskyzy in society.

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It is no exaggeration to say that today we see it as Zhamal apayymyz, Zeynep Akhmetova, who is studying folk pedagogy. They are one of the most distinguished personalities of the Kazakh people, who continue their fruitful traditions of good deeds with great clarity. After all, today, when society needs a person more than a specialist, it is a dear person who has brought virtue, humanity and intelligence to the place of merit and revived the philosophy of the great Abai “look at yourself first”. “When you repeat halva, you will not feel the sweetness in your mouth,” says folk wisdom.

Education is very important. As you know, when the results were not satisfactory, our sister lived at the very beginning and developed the project “self-knowledge”, which was introduced as a basic subject at all levels of Education. This discipline is brought to every student in a high-quality and conscious manner.

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In this regard, the Center “Bobek” is a good business for all of us. “People with a good soul do not accumulate wealth, they themselves become wealth,” said one scientist. “I don’t know,” I said.

The TV bridge, which marked the birth of this virtue, was organized by the scientific and methodological Center “pedagogy of virtue” of the Academy “Bokashaq”. Karaganda industrial University in Temirtau also did not stand aside, but took an equally active part in the passage at the necessary level.

During the evening, the rector of Karaganda industrial university Bakhyt Akhatovich Zhautykov invited his contemporaries to the TV Bridge and presented them to the public. In the TV report, contemporaries of Sara Alpyskyzy congratulated the owner of this anniversary wedding, expressed their wishes, shared the beautiful events that they had experienced, and created a delicious store.

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“Rector of the Academy of pedagogical Arts and socialization of Moscow, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, world-famous Shalva Alexandrovich Amonashvili, president of the International Center” “pedagogy of virtue””, doctor of psychological sciences, professor Paata Shalvovich Amonashvili shared his views on the pedagogy of virtue with Sara Alpyskyzy.”

The event was also attended by the general director of the National Scientific and practical, educational and Wellness Center “Bobek” E. N. Sakenova, as well as other well-known personalities of the country.

We are confident that this event, which was held in a meaningful and meaningful way, will give a lot of success.

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