In Karaganda region from 00:00 on April 18 strengthened restrictive measures are introduced

Restrictive measures will be strengthened in Karaganda region, reports The new rules will begin to take effect at 00:00 on April 18 throughout Karaganda region. Entry and exit of people and vehicles outside the districts and cities of the region, except for those entered in the electronic database of the Rapid Response Center, will be banned.

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There will be roadblocks between all districts and cities of the region. From 22:00 to 05:00 it will be impossible to travel by personal vehicles within the quarantine zones.

In the cities of Temirtau and Shakhtinsk it is prohibited to travel by personal vehicles in full, except for couriers delivering food, medicines and other essential goods, who will be given temporary permission.

Residents of all cities and districts should be completely restricted to movement, except: from their place of residence to work and back – only employees of organizations whose activities are permitted. In this case, they should be recorded in an electronic database; purchase of products, medicines and medical devices in shops and pharmacies within a radius of no more than one and a half kilometers from the place of residence; dog walking (radius – 500 meters); making banking transactions; travel to a medical facility in an emergency.

It is recommended that people over 65 years of age should limit their access to the street without an emergency. All supermarkets, shops and markets should be open until 22:00. “In all quarantine towns and districts in the region, patrols will be increased.

“Police officers will be on duty around the perimeter of quarantine zones 24 hours a day. Patrol parks and squares. Order guards have the right to apply administrative measures to quarantine violators,” the report says.

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