Gratitude Day at Bolashaq Academy

Bolashaq Academy continues giving bread baskets. Today, fresh bread and delicious pastries were provided to the faculty and staff.

Academy Rector K. Menlibayev also presented bread baskets to the students who were left without parental care.

The residents of the Students will also receive fragrant bakery products.

The purpose of the celebration is to remember the old times, historical events, in which the multinational Kazakhstan was formed, as well as to instill the values of the older generation of youth, to teach tolerance, the ability to find a common language, respect their origins and love the Motherland. On March 1, everyone remembers the old times in Kazakhstan and thank each other for kindness and generosity in daily life.

Bolashaq Academy sincerely congratulates everyone on Gratitude Day! We wish everyone family happiness, well-being, friendship and prosperity. May the most precious human qualities – mercy, compassion, mutual assistance, self-sacrifice, bequeathed to us by our ancestors, who managed to survive and come to the aid of each other in difficult times, always accompany each of us.

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