Dialogue platform “We are Karaganda residents” dedicated to the anniversary of the city

On March 26, 2024, students of the Bolashaq Academy of all educational programs and the teaching staff of the Department of General Education and the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines took part in a dialogue platform. The speaker of the event was the head of the group of architects of the CHU “Center of Urbanism” Alexey Voloshin.

Alexey Gennadievich Voloshin is our countryman, a graduate of the Department of Architecture and Design of the Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov. His graduation project “IT center and residential quarter in the structure of the “Ecopark” of the city of Karaganda” was awarded a diploma of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the International Architecture Festival in 2021, Alexey Voloshin received a diploma for first place in the nomination “Public Buildings”.

During the dialogue platform, participants were able to ask questions and learn about the changing architectural component of the city and the cultural features of the transformations, in particular about the improvement of the Central Park of Karaganda, which is a favorite vacation spot for both citizens and guests of the city. Everyone present was familiar with the term urbanization. In turn, urbanism is the science of creating a comfortable urban environment.

To date, the CHU “Center of Urbanism” of Karaganda is an important project and socio-public organization, the main activities are:

Urban educational program
The specialists of the Center for Urban Studies carry out a lot of work to improve the comfort of the urban environment and develop various projects, such as
projects in the region;
Vision Zero;
streets and avenues.
The specialists of the Center for Urban Studies are looking for new approaches to urban planning and decorative and engineering landscaping techniques that meet the social needs of society.

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