Pre-diploma defense of 4th year students of the educational program 6B01101- “Pedagogy and Psychology”

On April 25, 2024, a pre-diploma defense of the works of students of the PiP-20-1 group (full-time department) took place in the educational program 6B01101 – “Pedagogy and Psychology”.
The defense was attended by teachers of the department of “Pedagogy”: candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Abdrakhmanova A. S., candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Mamerkhanova Zh. M., candidate of psychological sciences. Sc., associate professor Nikiforova O.V., candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Asakaeva D.S., technical secretary Kosmanova A.B. and students of group PiP-20-1

Pre-diploma defense at the final stage of the student preparation process is important for students in the educational program “pedagogy and psychology”. It is also an integral part of the general section of the preparatory process of the student’s entire scientific work related to the profession of an educational psychologist in the learning process. The level of preparation of students’ final work according to the internal order of the department is indicated during the pre-graduation defense.

We can say that a thesis defense is a presentation of an important event. This work is necessary so that in the future students do not experience difficulties during scientific work.

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