Curatorial hour on the topic “National sports in Kazakhstan”

On March 16, 2024, senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Ganeev R.R. held a curatorial hour with IN-22-1 groups on the topic “National sports in Kazakhstan”. The discussion of the topic began with the definition of the concept of “National sport”.

The students expressed their opinion on the content of this term, and also gave examples of national sports. Among the examples were named: baiga, kazaksha kures, kokpar, etc. Ruslan Rashidovich described in detail the most common sports in Kazakhstan. According to the students, these types of national sports are directly related to the history of Kazakhstan and the way of life of the Kazakh people. Nomadic games were presented as an example, which directly speaks to the nomadic lifestyle from history.

In conclusion, the students shared their favorite national sports. Any kind of sport is the key to a healthy life. Do not forget the history and traditions of the emergence of national sports.

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