“Countering extremism and terrorism is our main task!”

On April 19, at the Bolashaq Academy, the head of the Sanaly Urpak project organization, a student of the Kr-21-1 group, Salikova Madina, held a meeting among 1st-year students to prevent extremism and terrorism.

The purpose of the event: to give an idea of religious extremism and terrorism among young people. Demonstration of the influence of religious movements on society. Reflections on terrorist activities taking place in the world. Orientation to the correct formation of religious thought of young people.

After familiarizing students with the social, legal, religious characteristics of society, informing them about ways to prevent provocations in terrorist and religious extremist orientation, she focused on important aspects of moral education, instilling in students a sense of patriotism, kindness, mercy.

During the event, students were shown a video related to extremism and terrorism. At the meeting, students asked each other questions and exchanged opinions.

The event was attended by groups Yu-22-2, PMNO-22-2, K-22-2, In-22-2, PiP-22-2.

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