Contest of the masters of expressive reading “To the great teacher of our people: Ybyrai Altynsarin – 180 years”. The competition is held at the Academy “Bolashaq”.

Date: 17.11.2021
Time: 14:00 (Assembly Hall)

Purpose: popularization of the creativity of the teacher of the nation Ybyrai Altynsarin among young people.Resume in a new direction through his poems.

                                    CONDITIONS OF THE CONTEST:

 - Poems from the works of Ybyrai Altynsarin, read expressively;

- Works must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format;

Winners and runners-up will be awarded diplomas.

The format and exact date will be announced later.

Applications for participation in the competition (full name, teaching department, the name of the work to be read) and the work Until November 14, 2021.
Contacts: 8 (707)622-43-52, 8 (747) 534-13-91.

Full nameGroupName of the poemGrade

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