Congratulations to the home front workers on the Great Victory Day

The heroic path of yesterday’s ferocious years will forever remain in the memory of the public. This holiday is the spirit of an immortal feat, invaluable glory, nobility in the defense of the Fatherland.
Incomparable heroism at the front and hard work in the rear raised the Banner of Victory.The feat of our grandfathers and the work of our mothers, recorded in blood in history, will forever remain in the memory of the country. The main task of today’s generation is to honor the memory of our brave grandfathers who died on the battlefields, veterans and home front workers.

On the eve of the Great Victory Day on May 9, the Vice-rector of the SVR Academy “Bolashaq” Ismailova R. N., together with active students, congratulated the home front workers on the 78th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. On behalf of the Rector of the Academy, a congratulatory letter, social support and gifts were presented to the home front workers of the war years – Esina Chulpan Abdrakhmanovna and Nauryzbayeva Rzykia.

Our veteran mothers told the younger generation about their tireless work of the war years, about their difficulties and unwavering determination. This feat is an inexhaustible treasure and an example for the younger generation!

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