Curatorial hour on the topic “Honesty is a sign of humanity”

On May 10, 2023, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines, Candidate of Law, A.M. Maldybaev held a curatorial hour with the group Yu-21-2 on the topic: “Adaldyk-adamdyk belgisi”. The purpose of the curatorial hour is: to explain to students the essence of honesty and truth in human relations, to promote the formation of the qualities of honesty, education for honesty. If the soul is clean, a person lives a meaningful life. In particular, they talked about the fact that loyalty to the Motherland, family, can increase one’s attitude to oneself, to others, to the future.

A.M. Maldybaev made a report on the topic of honesty “Adaldyk-ardyn isi”. Honesty is one of the basic human virtues, a moral quality that includes truthfulness, integrity, fidelity to commitments, subjective conviction in the rightness of the case, sincerity to others and to oneself in relation to the motives that a person is guided by.

How nomadic Kazakhs faultlessly treated honesty and morality can be found in the manuscripts and diaries of foreign travelers.
Loyalty begins with our soul. This manifests itself in human relationships and our actions. You can trust an honest person, in any case, it can not be questioned. A person with devotion will have a lot of positive things.

The students listened with great enthusiasm, and at the end of the curatorial hour they shared their opinions.

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