Congratulations on Kazakhstan’s People Unity Day!

Dear friends! Dear students, colleagues!

Bolashaq Academy congratulates you on Kazakhstan’s People Unity Day!

May 1 is an important holiday in Kazakhstan. The people of Kazakhstan are united and inviolable. We wish prosperity to each family, prosperity, creative take-off and peace, health and flight of the soul, because the happiness of each is a component of the great future of the country.

We wish everyone to feel that Kazakhstan is his native home, and in return get opportunities for self-realization, prosperity and protection.

Day of National Unity

Keeps the tradition shaded.

May it be blessed.

This holiday, this day.

May luck come to you,

It’s like a ship at the port,

May God keep you from trouble,

For many years we wish to live!

The Kazakhstanis are open and sincere people. We are able to live in peace and mutual understanding with all people and nations. Most of all, sincere friendship and mutual assistance are valued in Kazakhstan. Congratulations on the holiday of unity of the people of Kazakhstan are a form of expression of these feelings and this national position. Do not forget to congratulate your acquaintances and friends.

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