Conference dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Magzhan Zhumabayev

On May 15, 2023, the Bolashaq Academy hosted a student scientific and practical conference “Symbolism in the poems of lyric poet Magzhan Zhumabayev”, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the poet, activist Alash – Magzhan Zhumabayev. The head of the conference is Professor of the Department of General Education, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Sattarova Farida Fattakhovna.

In her speech, F.F. Sattarova, who opened the conference, noted: “It may seem unnatural to talk about the connection of the “principles of aesthetic taste”, “beauty” in Magzhan’s thinking and in the work “Criticism of aesthetic judgment” by the German philosopher I. Kant. But M. Zhumabayev’s manuscript “Threshold”, found in archival collections in 2011, asserts this relationship. After all, in the symbolism of Magzhan there is a synthesis and a unique individuality of the symbolic–modernist values of the national, Western-eastern and Russian mentalities digested in the poet’s heart. Based on this idea, scientific novelty as an idea defined aesthetic taste, beauty, as the cultural and spiritual basis of the concepts of pure poetry, symbolism in Magzhan’s worldview. The main objects of the study were Magzhan’s lyrical poems. Methods of philosophical comparative studies, cultural and historical reconstruction, hermeneutical analysis became methodological positions. Literary criticism is given in the dictionary of terms: “A symbol is an alternative image with a clear, meaningful character, created by emphasizing thoughts and describing the phenomena of the world.” The students focused on the thoughts of the lyric poet, and in turn expressed their thoughts and opinions.

In particular, they spoke on the topic: Semiotics of culture “L.Orynbai (Yu-22-2), about the poem of the poet “Wind” – D. Oshakbayev (PMNO-22-2), about the symbol of “Ball” – G. Abdikarim (FM-22-2), about the poem “Wave” – M. Kenesova (Yu-22-2),”The Prophet” – A. Orazkhan (K-20-1), about the poet’s homeland – B. Kuandykov – (F-22-1), about the totem of horses – Kozhibai (F-22 – 2), values of national identity with symbolic nature – language and mentality – A. Zhuragat (K-20-1), the symbolic meaning of the poem “Turkestan” – A. Muratkhan (K-20-1), the symbolic nature of the symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan – A. Kusainova (Fm-21 -2). First–year student A. Almatuly (K – 22-1) aspired to philosophical and poetic analysis and disclosure of layers of artistic thought of lyrical poetry of Magzhan.

Alina Smakova, a student of Kostanay University named after I.Altynsarin, took part in the online mode, who read Magzhan’s famous poem “Men zhastarga senemin”. As part of the literary evening, a student of group K-22-1 – Akzhol Almatuly performed Magzhan’s lyrical, beautiful song “Barinen de sen sulu” on the guitar.

The literary and philosophical event was attended by the head of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature, Ph.D., Professor Sembiev K.Z., from the Department of Postgraduate Education Serimov E.E., Vice-rector for Social and Educational Development Ismailova R.N., Associate Professor of the Department of OP Utemuratova B.K.

At the end of the conference, Alzhan Dilnaz (F-22-2), Orazkhan Aikenzhe (K-20-1), Almatuly Akzhol (K-22-1), and other students were awarded with diplomas. In conclusion , F. Sattarova noted that she is also from the homeland of Magzhan, and that in 2007 in Almaty, the daughter of academician Alkey Margulana – Danel introduced her to the daughter of Kalizhan – Magzhan’s younger brother – aunt Rayhan and accepted Magzhan’s book “The Prophet” from her as a gift, in connection with which she shared many historical data. As a tribute to Magzhan, she read her poem “Ak kayynym, syrgalym”, which is symbolic.

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