Happy 76th Anniversary of Victory!

“Rukhaniyat” center of the academy “Bolashaq” together with postcrossers of Karaganda city (participants of Postcrossing project, created to get postcards from all over the world) and Karaganda military historical club “Sogys tarikhy” prepared memorable postcard for the 76th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The club of military-historical reconstruction of Karaganda “Sogys tarikhy” exists more than 5 years. The participants of the club are activists of the city who are interested in the history of their native land.

The postcard reflects footage from a large-scale reconstruction of the Karaganda military-historical club “Sogys tarikhy” in 2018, “Fight at Ponyryami. The feat of Amantai Dauletbekov”.

Amantai Dauletbekov is our fellow countryman, he was born on November 10, 1917 in Zhanaarkinskiy district of Karaganda region. In 1939 he was drafted into the Red Army and served in the Far East. In the summer of 1942 Dauletbekov was sent to Bryansk front as a commander of artillery calculation of 1180 anti-tank regiment. He participated in fights on Don, on Volga, on Kursk arch.

On courage and bravery of Amantay Dauletbekov testify the documents stored in the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. From the certificate of reward to the order of the Red Star: “In fight on 19.11.1942 year in area of Kletskoy the battery led fire on a front edge of the opponent. The soldier Dauletbekov as the assistant gunner worked exceptionally fast and bravely. In fight near farm Sukhanovskoe on 22.11.1942 the enemy, having noticed that the gun remained without shells, rushed on the tank to crush it and a gun crew. Dauletbekov under strong fire of the enemy brought shells to the gun extremely quickly, and the attack was repulsed. In the battle on 24.11.1942 at five mounds in the area of strong fight with German tanks on battery gunners’ calculation of battery strong fire was led by German machine gunners. Dauletbekov crept up with the machine gun and at point-blank range destroyed 15 machine gunners and a machine gun point of the enemy. Dauletbekov A. deserves rewarding with order of the Red Star. Commander of 1180th anti-tank artillery regiment Major Maz”.

From the reward list of the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union: “The commander of the 1st battery gun senior sergeant Dauletbekov Amantai during the battle on 9.7. 1943, near Poniri station at 253,5 height, when the enemy attacked and broke the line of defense of the first battery of 101st rifle regiment and Dauletbekov’s gun was surrounded by fascist tanks and infantry, he decided to break from the fascist ring and the first opened fire on the approaching infantry, supported by 18 tanks, 13 of them “T-6” and 14 self-propelled guns.

Having left at a gun 2 persons, with other part of calculation Dauletbekov has gone to destroy infantry, the fight lasted 2 hours, 13 times the enemy tried to compress a ring and to destroy Dauletbekov. But comrade Dauletbekov repulsed these attempts. During this time 10 tanks, 7 self-propelled guns were knocked out, up to the company of the enemy were destroyed. The enemy became furious and decided to crush the cannon and heroes. The enemy makes the 14th attempt to destroy the gun and the crew, which already had 4 men left. Shells are running out. Tanks and machine gunners came to a distance of 150 meters from the gun. At this time, a direct hit completely disabled the gun. Dauletbekov gave a command and 4 heroes rose up and went to destroy the infantry. When there was no ammo, Dauletbekov with fighters rushed into the hand-to-hand fight, knocked down 4 Germans with legs and the butt of the gun, but the bullet killed him.

During the period of his actions the gun of Dauletbekov destroyed 29 tanks, 13 self-propelled guns, 150 persons of infantry, 40 gunners. Here is his posthumous battle account. Worthy of the highest government award – the Order of Lenin with posthumous title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Lieutenant colonel Maz, commander of 1180th anti-tank artillery regiment of the Red Banner. August 1, 1943″.

The military path of the Kazakh compounds began in the terrible time near Moscow in 1941 and ended in the spring of 1945 in Berlin. They defended Leningrad, fought near Stalingrad, at the Kursk Bulge, liberated Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic states, liberated from the Nazi yoke and the peoples of Europe. The Kazakhs fought heroically on all fronts.

According to census of 1939 the population of Kazakhstan was 6.2 million people. During the war years, 1,196,164 Kazakhs joined the ranks of the fighting army. Every fourth inhabitant of the republic was sent to the front and to the defence industry.

Kazakhstan participated in the Great Patriotic War as part of the united country. During the war the republic sent 12 infantry divisions, 4 national cavalry divisions, 7 infantry brigades, including 2 national infantry brigades to the front. In addition, about 50 regiments and battalions of various kinds of troops were formed in Kazakhstan.

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