Training on the topic “Change begins with a good thought”

Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy of the Bolashaq Academy, psychologist Korzhumbaeva M. B. On May 18 conducted a training between the 1st and 3rd courses on the topic “Change begins with a good thought.” The Vice-rector for SVR, R. N. Ismailova, also took part in this training.

The purpose of the training is to provide psychological support to students, get rid of experiences, and direct them to get rid of negative emotions.
During the training, the issues of the soul and the anger of a person were touched upon.
Psychological training is used as a way to reformulate the behavior and action management models formed in a person, and this time it was aimed at improving the professional knowledge and abilities of its members to increase the systematic activity of the team for training. Learning can also be considered as part of changing a person’s social behavior in accordance with the goals and requirements of the group’s actions in accordance with appropriate approaches.
“Change begins with a good thought,” which means that a person should first of all be able to find both good and flaws in himself.
During the training, students asked questions, and a collective discussion was held. The training was held on a pleasant and cheerful note.

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