Meeting of EP 6B01301-“Pedagogy and methods of primary education” on the work of the branch

On May 19, 2023, the final meeting of the branch of the educational program 6B01301-“Pedagogy and methods of primary education” for the 2022-2023 academic year was held at the secondary school No. 23 in Karaganda. The meeting was attended by K. A. Sarbasova, responsible for the work of the branch, Asem Kenzhebaevna Koshkimbayeva, Deputy director for specialized training of secondary school No. 23, primary school teachers and students of the PMNO-20-2 group. A report on the work done in the current academic year was heard at it. Koshkimbayeva A. K. noted: “Dual education system due to the importance of training qualified personnel, the project of a dual education system is the need for communication between schools and universities.” Primary school teacher Kaldybaeva B. I., Lapieva G. K. stressed the importance of dual education, noting that students are very responsible about their work. The dual education system, like the traditional system, is characterized by the preparation of future specialists for real activities, activities not only in an educational institution, but also at industrial enterprises. After receiving the diploma, the future specialist will have the opportunity to continue working in the same industries on a permanent basis.

Responsible for the work of the branch Sarbasova K.A.: “At our department, the dual system has been implemented since the last academic year according to the educational program 6B01301 – “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” and the first experience has been established. Future primary school teachers gain experience and conduct practical classes at school bases. This year, some work was carried out in the branch.

Senior teachers of the department Sarbasova K.A., Zhapanova R. N., Arunova Zh.A. held lectures on subjects with the PMNO-20-2 group “Methods of teaching literacy and writing in elementary school”, “Methods of teaching mathematics in elementary school”, “Methods of teaching natural science in elementary school”, “Methods of teaching literature in primary school”, “Methods of teaching the Kazakh language in primary school”, “Methods of teaching the artistic language”. Also, primary school teachers of this school Kaldybayeva Bayan Ibishevna, Lapieva Gulaim Kapparovna, Zeitova Gulnasia Sabidollakyzy conducted seminars on these subjects.

Our students liked to alternate training and experience. Upon completion of the training, graduates will fully familiarize themselves with the specifics of the work and the base of this production enterprise and will have the opportunity to find employment at this place.

Senior lecturer of the department Sarbasova K. A. In the branch of secondary school No. 23 together with primary school teachers held a master class on the topic “Preparation and application of assessment tasks in primary school subjects”. Students of the PMNO-20-2 group also took part in it.

The branch of secondary school No. 23 hosted an intellectual game “Field of Miracles” and an educational contest “One Thousand One proverbs, one hundred and one riddles”, which was held by students of the PMNO-20-2 group. The main purpose of the event is to teach schoolchildren new technologies and ways of informatization of the XXI century. The event was attended by Dana Samatovna Seitzhanova, a specialist of the Bolashaq Academy, the head of the Department of Pedagogy, PhD, associate professor Dana Salamatovna Asakayeva, teachers of the department and students of the groups PMNO-19-2, PMNO-22-2, PIP-22-2 and the deputy director for specialized training of this school Koshkimbayeva Asem Kenzhebayevna, Deputy for educational work Baigombenova Saule Nigmatullayevna, primary school teacher. The teachers of the school highly appreciated the work of the students.

The school’s teachers also participate in the academy’s events. In April, the international scientific and practical conference “Science and Education in the Modern World” organized by the Bolashaq Academy was attended by teachers of secondary school No. 23 whose articles were published in the conference collection.

Experienced primary school teachers give feedback on the thesis and are reviewers.

This type of cooperation will not only improve the training system, but will also allow teachers and lecturers to create a new kind of communication between “theory” and “practice”. According to the annual plan of the branch, all work was completed according to plan and on time.

Senior lecturer of the Department of “Pedagogy” K. A.Sarbasova

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