Open lecture by Professor Zh. Artykbayev at Bolashaq Academy

The Academy “Bolashaq” hosted an open lecture by the famous Kazakh historian, ethnologist, writer, teacher, holder of the title “The best teacher of the university”, PhD, professor of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University Zh.O. Artykbayev.

A lot of new, useful and interesting information about historical events of the native land was received by the student youth of all educational programs of the university.

Zh.O.Artykbayev is the author of more than 300 publications, including 6 monographs, 11 textbooks and manuals. He has prepared more than ten candidates of historical sciences in the specialties “History” and “Ethnography, Ethnology and Anthropology”. Zhambyl Omarovich studies the fates of many historical personalities. The Professor’s scientific works are unique and based on many years of research activity. Among them: known to wide audience “12 lectures on history of Kazakhstan”, where the checked up materials approved in scientific monographies of the author entered.

Scientific-popular edition “Abylay khan”, devoted to the legendary personality of the ruler of the Great steppe; four-volume book “Kazakh society: sources and history” – historical work, affecting the period from ancient times to the beginning of XX century. Till this moment in Kazakhstan there was no such large-scale work, covering several historical epochs at once.

The first volume, called “Nomads of Eurasia in a kaleidoscope of centuries and millennia”, tells about antiquity, early horse breeding, now better known as Botai culture.

In the second volume “Kazakh society in XV-XVII centuries: from empire to the national state” it is told about the period of disintegration of the Golden Horde and creation of the Kazakh Khanate. The professor collected historical materials for this volume on the territory of Akmola region, in particular in Ereimentau region, a part of which in XIII century was in Sheyban ulus – Akkol – Zhailma.

The third book – “Kazakh society in the XVIII century: the era of chivalry”. “The eighteenth century was named in the history of Kazakhstan as the era of chivalry by Shokan Ualihanov”, – explains Zhambyl Omarovich. – We can’t help being proud of the legendary personalities who grew up at the time. In spirit, courage and bravery, they were not inferior to the knights of Europe. Those were brave batyrs who sacrificed themselves without hesitation in the name of the Motherland. They volunteered for the amanities, like Abulfaiz, Abilmambet’s son. Sultan Abylai himself, being in the captivity of Jungaria ruler Galdan-Caren, was not afraid for his life, defending his position. An oral agreement, a promise in those days were like paper with a seal. And the mechanisms of social mobilization are amazing: people went to war fearlessly for the sake of their freedom and independence of the state.

The fourth volume “Kazakh society in XIX century: traditions and innovations” is especially dear to the heart of the scientist. “The set of events in itself does not reveal the deep foundations of human essence, as history aims at studying the internal transformations of man and society. The historical process is an endless transformation of human organization”, says Zhambyl Omarovic. In the fourth book, the author argues the transition to a sedentary lifestyle as one of the factors in the new development of Kazakh culture.

Acquaintance with these works opens up the whole world of the Great Steppe. The faculty, students of the Academy and guests of the open lecture were able to ask questions and receive detailed explanations. From 1996 to 1998, Zh.O. Artykbaev taught at the Academy.

We are proud that Zhambyl Omarovich Artykbaev became “Honorary Professor” of Bolashaq Academy.

In December 2019, “Bolashaq” Academy published a bibliography of the Professor’s works dedicated to his jubilee.

The event was accompanied by a book exhibition of the works of J.O. Artykbayev, professor of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. On racks were exposed four-volume “Kazakh society: sources and history” – historical work, affecting the period from ancient times to the beginning of XX century, “12 lectures on the history of Kazakhstan”, “Anthology on the history of state and law” and the monograph “Qazaq ethnographs”, encyclopedia “Bayanauyl” and other works of the author.

Our library was presented with the edition prepared for publication with scientific comments of the author: K.I. Satpayev “Prehistoric monuments in Jezkazgan region”. This small book introduces its readers to the monuments of the central part of the Eurasian steppes, which is known to Kazakhs by its name – Saryarka. K.I. Satpayev, being a young head of the geological party, drew attention to a number of iconic monuments of Saryarka and called this region “the epicenter of the steppe civilization”.

Professor Artykbayev himself and the guests of the lecture showed active and genuine interest in the exhibition.

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