Competition of student and master’s research papers organized at Bolashaq Academy

The competition of student and master’s scientific works was held with the purpose of developing students’ and master’s students’ skills of research work and search creativity, attracting students and master’s students to research activities, implementing social orders on the development of Kazakhstan’s society and its educational sphere on the basis of innovative technologies and selecting the best student and master’s works for participation in the Republican competition.

8 research areas were submitted for the competition. The presented scientific works connected with actual problems of modern science and the Kazakhstan companies, first of all, the formation and development of the education sector, issues of training, education and development of the younger generation.

The competition consisted of two stages:

First stage. In the period from January 20 to February 20, 2020, it is held inside the departments, where the best works were selected and sent to the second stage of the competition.

Second stage. From February 20 to 24, expert commissions were held. Competitive expert commissions approved by the order of the rector reviewed the work on all educational programs, evaluated their quality and significance, and determined the prizes.

This competition was attended by students of 1 course (after College) education program “Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education” Zholzhaksy Buldirgen and Serikbayeva Zhazira Abilseitkyzy under the direction of Zhapanova R.N. They defended research projects in 8 areas on the theme “Indelible trace left by the second teacher of the world Abu Nasir al-Farabi”, at the end of the 2nd round they took 1st place, were awarded diplomas and cash prizes.

Алғыс Хат!

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