Coaching technologies for Academy students in practice at school

Ekaterina Shitova, student In-21-1, under the guidance of Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy Asakaeva D.S. applies coaching technologies in practice at school.

After a non-standard lesson (April 18, 2024) in the discipline “Research and project activities of teachers and students,” Asakaeva D.S. on the topic “Application of coaching technologies in design,” student of group In-21-1 Ekaterina Shitova applied the acquired knowledge in practice. Students of In-21-1 reviewed the Dils Pyramid, which is effectively used in coaching when designing and planning professional activities.

During a lesson in grade 10 “B” of school No. 45, Shitova E. used new materials, in particular the Dils Pyramid (in a simplified version), to develop creative thinking in students and create an independent project.

The lesson was successful, the students were able to identify all the key points of their own project, and received full answers and corrections from E. Shitova to any questions that arose.

The application of acquired knowledge by students in practice at school is a clear indicator of the practice-oriented nature of education at Bolashaq Academy.

The Academy’s teachers’ search for new forms, methods, teaching techniques and their application is an effective way to make classes at the university more interesting and effective.

And besides, it is coaching tools that provide an excellent opportunity to reflect the interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary integration of the material being studied, both by students and schoolchildren.

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