Charity Should Become a Goal for Everybody

A meeting of volunteers of the academic charitable foundation ‘Meyirim’ was held within the walls of Bolashaq Academy. During the meeting the theme ‘Charity is a Goal at Any Age’ was discussed, and the set objectives were considered. Participants shared new ideas and discussed events that need to be organized. The organizer of the meeting was the head of the charitable foundation ‘Meyirim,’ Zhuragat Aymaral. The President of Bolashak Republic, Malikova Madina, discussed the plan for upcoming events.

At the end of the speech, the theme ‘Kindness from the heart’ was touched upon. In any difficult situation, a person can extend a helping hand to those in need in various directions. Some people smile, comforting those who are sad, while others help and lend a hand in difficult times. It is heartening that every year the number of charitable foundations and charitable organizations supporting various actions and projects is growing.

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