The Constellation of Women’s Names in Psychological Science

The regular meeting of the psychological club ‘PersonalityPlus’ brought together students from various educational programs, including ‘Pedagogy and Psychology,’ ‘Jurisprudence,’ and ‘Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages’.

The president of the psychological club ‘PersonalityPlus,’ Sofia Khussainova, emphasized that any science exists beyond gender, but is still shaped by both men and women. However, statistically, if we determine the number of male and female names in the scientific field, there are fewer female names, but they have pierced through time and entered history. These are women with a beautiful destiny, a unique scientific path, the rare stars that still shine in the sky of psychological science:

‘Karen Horney: The Influence of Unresolved Conflicts on Personality Formation’ (Daria Nurshinova, ПиП-22-1).

-“Natalia Loginova – a Worthy Student of the Great Psychologist (Biographical Method – Research in the Context of Personality)” (Sofia Khussainova, ПиП-22-1).

-“Bluma Zeigarnik: the Development of Psychological Science through the Flames of the Great Patriotic War” (Tatiana Fedyayeva, ПиП-22-1).

-“Teacher of B. Zeigarnik – Kurt Lewin: the Theory of Force Psychological Field” (Yelizaveta Kerimova, ПиП-22-1)

-“Mary Whiton Calkins: Unique Studies of Dreams and Memory” (Nadezhda Lundina, дПиП-22-1к).

-“Natalia Bekhtereva: Neurophysiologist, Creator of the World’s Only Brain Institute” (Polina Naumenko, Sofia Verkhoturova, ИН-23-1).

-“Natalia Bekhtereva: Architectonics of the Brain (Neuropsychological Approach to the Problem of Left-Handedness)” (Stanislav Yuriyevich Smirnov, Senior Lecturer, Department of GED).

The scientific discoveries of these great women have not only entered the history of psychological science but also compel us, today, to debate, think, and construct our own horizon of research.

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