Limitless gratitude to Bolashaq

On September 25, 2020, the Bolashaq Academy turned 25 years old. We sincerely congratulate our academy “Bolashaq”, which has been studying for 4 years, on its 25th anniversary.

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Bolashaq Academy was founded in 1995 and became the largest private educational environment in Kazakhstan in 2007. Bolashaq Academy was awarded the title of Bolashak University from 2007 to 2015. On August 4, 2015, Bolashaq was renamed to the title of a private academy.

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In 2010, for the first time, I entered Karaganda University “Bolashak”, majoring in pedagogy and psychology. When I first came to Bolashak University, I really liked it. The senior teachers of our faculty, our rector, our dormitory, which was our second home, are very close and warm to me. I would say that Bolashaq Academy is the first in the field of Education. Our senior teachers were able to convey to us a lot of their knowledge, combining versatility, diligence, politeness, resourcefulness with theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We express our gratitude to the dean of the humanitarian faculty Turkenov T. K., senior teachers of the Department of pedagogy and psychology Makhmutova G. S., Nurkenova G. K. Korzhumbaeva M. B., Diyanova R. T., Esmagulova A. A., Shutenova S. S., Sarbasova K. A., Bakaramova S. A., etc. senior teachers and associate professor of Pedagogical Sciences Shaltayeva Roza Zhienbaevna students of the Pip 10-2, Pip 10-3 groups are grateful to you. We congratulate you on the upcoming holiday-teacher’s day. We wish you good health, happiness to your families, and success in your creative search!

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Students who have entered the Bolashaq Academy, you, like us, can learn versatility, knowledge, and innovation only from the bolashaq Academy. I am very happy that I entered the Academy of the future. Currently, I work as a teacher-psychologist in KSU “Secondary School No. 17” in Temirtau. Since 2014, in 2020, my students have taken 3rd place in the competition “young teacher, psychologist, educator”, organized annually by the Bolashaq Academy, the Department of pedagogy and psychology. I am very grateful to the bolashaq Academy for its golden nest, every year I come to the Bolashaq Academy, hear the annual news and witness the changes.

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I’m happy to be here. Bolashaq Academy is full of the most amazing, most beautiful, innovative teachers, full of new information, and I am proud of the knowledge that you have wherever you go!

Best wishes, Zinal Yerkegul, a graduate of the specialty “Pedagogy and psychology” in 2014

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