Happy birthday, dear Bolashaq!

As a law student, I set myself the goal of becoming a good professional lawyer and, probably, that’s why I studied almost 80% of my time, and in the evenings with a pile of books and papers I ran to work as a guard at a construction site, and then a little light at a gas station to work, after which I ran to study. This experience is unforgettable. Permanent study and night reading of books were justified.

My student years were remembered first of all by my teachers. I always remember with warmth Yuri Lukhtin. He was a man of his business. All the courses were always trying to get to his lectures. Attendance at his lectures was one hundred percent.

We took an example from such people and are very grateful for the knowledge they gave us.

There was always an interesting atmosphere in Bolashak, everything was family friendly. It was Bolashak that became a starting point for me in the future, taught me to cherish people, I have made friends with whom we communicate to this day, arrange meetings, remember student life, our teachers. How great it was! No words! You have to feel it!

My dear Bolashaq is already 25 years old! The pandemic will pass and we will all meet and congratulate each other personally! Happy birthday, dear Bolashak!

Diyar Bakytovich Akparov, graduate of the Department of Legal Disciplines in 2007

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