• Bolashaq Academy |Published 07.10.2021
    Joint-stock company “National center of professional development “Orleu” offers the students of final years in their preparation for pedagogical practice to study on practice-oriented mini-course conducted by the best teachers of National center of professional development “Orleu”.

In this course students will be able to:

  • Learn about the prerequisites for updating the content of education;
  • Analyze the content of model curricula;
  • Examine the structure and principles of criterion-based assessment and its content;
  • practice developing formative and summative assessment tasks
  • consider the methods of reflection and feedback at formative assessment, the algorithm of
    of writing a rubric;

Will learn:

  • Apply moderation as a required procedure;
  • develop the features of plans: long-term, calendar-thematic, medium-term
    and short-term plans;
  • use the methodological constructor of lesson planning.

The coaching staff of Orleu specially for this course formed a package of methodical tools that can be used during the pedagogical practice and the first year of work at school to activate the cognitive activity of students.

If you are interested, we are ready to provide you with more detailed information and develop a training program tailored to the specific needs of your school.

Questions about organizing a training course can be sent to

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