Career guidance work of the GED department in gymnasium No. 102

On April 19, 2024, on-site career guidance work was carried out at gymnasium No. 102 named after Al-Farabi in the city of Karaganda. Employees of the Department of GED: Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Kasenov E.B. and Art. teacher Smirnov S.Yu. visited graduating classes, met the students, talked about the academy; answered questions from high school students, distributed booklets, information sheets and memos to applicants, and advised schoolchildren. The levels of schoolchildren’s readiness to choose a profession and specialties were identified.

Гимназисты задавали вопросы, на которые были получены компетентные ответы. В частности, интересовались, какие экзамены нужно сдать; можно ли, участвуя в олимпиадах, получить дополнительные баллы при поступлении; когда в академии проводится день открытых дверей; будет ли вестись набор на дистанционную форму обучения; сколько необходимо набрать баллов, чтобы поступить на бюджетное место на какой-либо из факультетов академии.

Teachers from the Department of Educational Education explained the conditions for admission and talked about educational programs, the material and technical equipment of the academy, and the possibilities for realizing the creative abilities of students.

The work of the teachers of the Department of Educational Education was assessed positively by both students and teachers of the gymnasium. It will allow schoolchildren to more consciously choose their future specialty within the walls of our university.

This is how we remember the day of career guidance. We can only wish the graduates of gymnasium No. 102 named after Al-Farabi in the city of Karaganda successful passing of the UNT and a speedy meeting in the new academic year at the Bolashaq Academy!

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