Let’s create a green belt: trees continue to be planted in the Karaganda region

In the Karaganda region, tree planting continues as part of the republican campaign “Taza Kazakhstan”. Work collectives, schoolchildren and environmental activists participate in landscaping work.

In the Osakarovsky district, within the framework of the Zhasyl Aimak week from April 22 to 27, it is planned to plant 600 units of green space.

These are flowers and trees. Whitewashing and pruning of trees and shrubs are also planned.

“As of April 24, 222 green spaces have been planted, 400 trees have been whitewashed, 94 tons of garbage have been removed, and 19 pieces of equipment have been brought in,” the akimat of the Osakarovsky district reported. – In total, 104 teams and 583 people took part in the work. Landscaping work will continue. At the same time, police officers are carrying out preventive work with the population, 10 warnings have been issued and 3 fines have been issued for failure to maintain cleanliness.”

In Temirtau, young volunteers take an active part in the city’s greening campaign. Eco-activists of the Shanyrak center and the organizers of the social project for helping homeless animals “Krepysh” planted seedlings. Volunteers from the public association “Reflection” are also involved in the work.

About 200 people planted 670 trees. In total, the city plans to plant 5,300 trees this year, including as part of compensatory planting.

In Priozersk, planting will begin on April 25. It is planned to plant 150 poplars and 300 elms along the entrance to the city and on the territory of the organizations. Today the participants of the action are carrying out excavation work in the areas.

In Saran, as part of the Taza Kazakhstan campaign, it is planned to plant 800 seedlings of ash, linden, juniper and silver poplar. Work will also begin on April 25.

Let us remind you that in Karaganda, as part of the republican environmental campaign “Taza Kazakhstan”, planting of more than 90 thousand tree seedlings began on April 23. The city is restoring the burnt-out forest in the Kirzavod area, and a new alley “Zhastar Alleyasy” has opened in Maykuduk Park.

Each week of the promotion takes place under a specific name. This week “Zhasyl aimak” is dedicated to landscaping and tree planting.

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