A state of emergency has been declared across the country until January 19. A curfew has been introduced from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. It is extremely undesirable to leave their apartments and homes at night during the curfew. It is also highly recommended to limit automobile movement.

Curfews are enforced by regional police department heads.

Yerlan Faizullin, head of the Karaganda Oblast Police Department, said:

“As the regional commandant, I declare that in our region law enforcement officers provide proper protection of public order and safety of citizens.
The situation in the region is under full control.
In this regard, a curfew from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. is introduced in the region in order to ensure the safety of the population and preserve their property, as well as to prevent the facts of looting:

  • the organization and holding of peaceful meetings and rallies, entertainment, sports and other mass events are prohibited;
  • Public order, particularly important government and strategic facilities, and facilities that provide vital activities of the population and the functioning of transport are subject to enhanced security;
  • If necessary, checks of identity documents, body searches, and inspection of belongings and vehicles are conducted;
  • In order to ensure the vital activity of the region, the Rules of work of the objects of education, health care, life support and business in an emergency situation are being developed.
    All of the above measures are aimed at ensuring your safety and preserving public order.
    In this regard, we ask the residents of Karaganda region to remain calm, not to succumb to panic and provocative appeals. Be sympathetic to the activities carried out and respect law and order for the duration of the state of emergency.
    I warn you that all illegal actions will be stopped immediately.
    According to the current legislation, the violation of the requirements of the state of emergency is a responsibility”, – said Yerlan Fayzullin.

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