Section 8 / “Modern aspects of biology, medicine, pharmacy”

Within the framework of the Annual International Scientific Conference “Science and Education in the Modern World” was held a meeting of the Section 8 “Modern aspects of biology, medicine and pharmacy. There were 10 reports, including 3 from E.Buketov Karaganda University, 1 report from Karaganda Medical University and 6 reports from Pharmacy Department of “Bolashaq” Academy.

The presented papers covered various aspects of the topics stated in the title of the section. So, three reports from E. Buketov University traditionally reflected the issues of plant biology (speakers A.K. Aitimov, A. Tolesh, M. Ishmuratova) and methodology of teaching this subject (A.K. Mazina). Report of Zhimankhan A.J., the 4th year student of the Medical University was dedicated to research of microflora of Kazakh national yurta. Three reports from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences covered issues of health (Tnimova G.T., Sivolobova O.A., Tukubaeva G.N., Kurbanova G.D.), assessment of sanitary conditions in the region (Abeuova O.A. et al.), problems of molecular chemistry (Baylen A., Khashtay K.S.), modern control of pharmaceuticals (Boldysh S.K., Kaldybaeva A.K.).

A special interest among listeners was caused by reports concerning health, as well as research of A.Zh. Zhimankhan, a 4-year medical university student. Despite his young age, the student managed to raise an important subject for the Republic – introduction of Kazakh yurts into everyday life of citizens (outdoor recreation, tourism, etc.). For the first time, according to the author, he proved that, thanks to special materials used in the construction of the yurt, the microflora of the room is very favourable in terms of epidemiology. The audience wished the author further achievements in science and the general vote awarded him 1st place.

Second place was awarded to A.K. Aitimov and co-authors from E. Buketov University, and third place to A.K. Mazina, also from E. Buketov University.

In conclusion, it should be noted that most of the papers at the plenary session and the workshop were devoted to current issues of the day and aroused great interest in the audience.

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