Young teacher, Psychologist – 2021

Dear friends!

We present you the results of the I stage of the contest “Young Teacher, Psychologist – 2021”.

Young teacher, psychologist-2021

As a result of the first stage of the competition” young teacher, psychologist-2021″, based on the results of videos prepared by schools on the topic” my future profession is a teacher, psychologist”, the following schools passed the second stage:

  1. Reference school on the basis of Secondary School No. 132 (Resource Center)
  2. Kokpekty secondary school, Bukhar-zhyrau district, kokpekty village
  3. Kokpekty secondary school, Bukhar-zhyrau district
  4. Nurinsky secondary school
  5. Eltayskaya secondary school, Bukhar-zhyrau district, Doskey village
  6. Secondary school No. 4 named after Abay, Satpayev city
  7. Secondary school No. 14, Satpayev city
  8. Secondary school No. 1, Zhezkazgan
  9. Nurken Abdirov secondary school
  10. Secondary school No. 15 Satpayev city
  11. Secondary school No. 25, Karaganda
  12. 104 school gymnasium, Karaganda
  13. 1 school-gymnasium, Shakhtinsk

The second stage will be held on February 5, 2021 on the zoom platform. Registration time is from 9.00 to 10.00. Please contact the school leaders who have passed the second stage by calling 87013494144.

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