Tuberculosis is an infectious (contagious) disease that develops when tuberculosis bacteria enter the body. The main organ that is affected by the disease is the lungs. In some cases, there may be tuberculosis in the bones, joints, kidneys, genitals, eyes, intestines, and other organs.

75% of TBС patients are people aged 17-40 years.

 Tuberculosis screening is free of charge for citizens of Kazakhstan who are attached to treatment facilities.

Tuberculosis symptoms: cough, sputum secretion, chest pain, hemoptysis, weakness, fatigue, sweating, increase in body temperature.

If you cough for more than two weeks, you should see a doctor urgently and get tested for tuberculosis. The main diagnostic methods are X-ray examination.

If the disease is detected in time and treated correctly, tuberculosis patients recover fully.

In order to prevent the disease it is necessary to undergo a flurographic examination once a year.

Monthly schedule of flurography is available at the doctor of Bolashaq Academy Svetlana Kuur.

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