Young teacher-psychologist-2020

On January 31, a regional competition “Young Teacher-Psychologist” among pupils of 11 classes of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums of Karaganda and Karaganda region took place at Academy. The competition is traditionally organized and conducted by the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Bolashaq Academy together with the Department of Education of Karaganda region.

The aim of the contest is to identify and support talented students with abilities in psychological and pedagogical activities, to promote humanitarian knowledge and features of the educational program “Pedagogy and Psychology”.

The objectives of the competition:

– propagation of scientific psychological and pedagogical knowledge among schoolchildren, ideas of humane pedagogy and national heritage of humanist educators of Kazakhstan within the framework of the state program “Rukhani Zhangyru”;

– increase of importance of professional psychological and pedagogical education and prestige of pedagogical professions;

– identification and support of talented youth in future scientific research and professional activity;

– actively assisting future school leavers in career guidance and assisting them in choosing their future professions;

– expanding the scope of the Academy’s activities in terms of establishing contacts and fruitful cooperation with educational institutions of the region.

The first round was by correspondence and was held from 9 to 16 January 2020. The teams sent prepared videos on the topic “My future profession – pedagogical psychologist”. Following the results of the 1st round of the competition, the following schools passed to the second round:

  1. Boarding school No. 68, Karaganda;

2. Secondary school No. 17, Temirtau;

3. Secondary school No. 17, Temirtau (in the city of Temirtau);

4. Secondary school No. 23 in Karaganda;

5. Regional specialized boarding school named after Nygmet Nurmakov;

6. School-lyceum No. 101, Karaganda;

7. Boarding school No. 76 named after A. Bokeikhan, Karaganda

8. Resource Center at A. Yermekov Secondary School Base, Shetsky district, Karaganda region;

9. Kazakh school-gymnasium No. 15. Temirtau (kaz.);

10.  “Experimental school – Gymnasium named after A. Yermekov, Shetsky district, Karaganda region;

 “Experimental school – Gymnasium named after Akylbayev”, Shetsky district, Karaganda region.

The second round of the competition was held in two stages:

1) “Hello, it’s us…” – presentation of the team and vision of the future professional horizons. Speech time – 5 min.

Criteria for evaluating the performance of the task (1-10 points): compliance with the theme of the Contest “Young Teacher, Psychologist”; artistry of the participants; creativity of the participants’ thinking; originality of the speech; coordination of the team members’ actions; promotion of the importance of the professions of a teacher, psychologist.

2) Homework “Collective creative activity (CCA)”. Themes of the Collective Creative Activity (CCA) are presented for choice (showing a stage performance using music, pantomime, poetry, painting, etc.; all team members should be involved in the performance):

Ø “Rukhani Zhangyru” – Course Towards the Future;

Ø “Teacher is work or art”;

Ø “It all starts with love for children.”

Ø “Teacher’s role in my life.”

Ø “My dream is to work as a psychologist”.

The rules of performance of each team should not exceed 10 minutes.

Performance Assessment Criteria PAC (1-10 points): compliance of the development with modern requirements; disclosure of the pedagogical meaning of PAC, use of general pedagogical and psychological erudition; full disclosure of the topic of the task; stage skills; creativity and originality of the topic disclosure; compositional construction; artistic design of the performance (costumes, scenery); understanding the goals of the task and ways to achieve them.

The jury of the competition:

Zheksenova Bibinur Omarbaevna – senior lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychologists of the higher college;

Utebaev Nurgazy Gazizuly – Director of Murager boarding school;

Abdykadyrov Askhat Abdykadyrovich – post-graduate student of Bishkek State University named after K. Karasayev. Kyrgyzstan, who came to the competition from Satpayev, Karaganda Region.

The results of the competition were distributed as follows:

1st place and grant of the rector (free first year tuition) was awarded to the team of school No. 76 named after A. Bokeikhan from Karaganda;

2nd place and 50% discount on tuition fees for the first year was won by the team of School-Lyceum No. 101 from Karaganda;

3rd place and 25% discount on tuition fees for the first year were given to the Experimental School-Gymnasium named after Zh. Akylbayev from Shet district of Karaganda region.

All heads and administrations of schools were awarded with certificates and letters of thanks.

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