Free online course “Pandemic Safety in Life and Business”

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – the Ministry) together with Kaspersky Lab presents a free online course “Safety during a Pandemic in Life and Business”.

This online course is designed to increase digital literacy and knowledge about the current epidemic, as well as all Internet users in a situation of general self-isolation, mass transition to remote work, numerous fairies and misconceptions about COVID-19.

The course consists of two modules. The first one is entirely devoted to physical security during the current pandemic. It helps to study the threat posed by COVID-19 and how to behave in order to minimize the risk of getting sick yourself or infecting colleagues. This lesson also contains information on how to prevent disease and stereotypes associated with the coronavirus group. The second module helps to safely adapt to remote work and generally improve cyber-literacy in the context of isolation from the office and the usual help of a system administrator in the workplace.

Kaspersky Lab recommendations “Safe Work from Home: The Most Basic” can be read at

An information letter on the Online Pandemic Security in Life and Business course is attached:

Online course Pandemic Safety in Life and BusinessDownload

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