October 18, The Day of Spiritual Harmony!

On October 18, 2023, students and advisors of groups K-23-1, K-21-1, KR-21-1, and K-20-1 of the educational program 6B01701-Kazakh language and literature of Bolashaq Academy, Master of Pedagogy, senior teacher Kasetova N.K., and Master of Pedagogy, senior teacher Zhanuzakhova K.K. conducted an educational hour on the topic “Peace and Harmony are Our Main Legacy.” During the event students expressed their opinions about peace and harmony.

The event was intended to establish and prove that unity and consent of the people of Kazakhstan is the main value of the independent state, the most important principle of which is respect for the religious feelings of its citizens.

The event was also intended to strengthen the spiritual values of the multinational people of Kazakhstan among students for the further successful development of the country.

Preserving peaceful harmony between civilizations is one of the pressing problems in our time. Regardless of nationality or religion, one should aspire to support the calmness and stability. It is important to explain to every student the meaning of Spiritual Harmony Day.

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