Victories of our Academy

Participation in the ranking of universities and educational programs is an integral part of the Bolashaq Academy activities.

The Academy participates in various rankings annually. It gives an opportunity to present information about the university to the public, for example, applicants and their parents, employers for decision making, to receive an assessment of their activity from the external environment.

For several years now the Academy has been participating in a rating conducted by the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IAQAE).

In contrast to the previous ratings, this year, along with experts and employers, the activity of higher education institutions was assessed by students who are currently studying at the university and graduates. For universities this is a very important indicator, because educational activities are aimed at the implementation of student-centered learning.

The task of universities is to prepare students for future professional activity by giving them the necessary knowledge and skills, to instill professional competencies that will allow graduates to adapt in their professional activity, be in demand on the labor market and find their place in life.

The policy of Bolashaq Academy is aimed at creating favorable conditions for education, stay, accommodation and social support, i.e. comprehensive support for students throughout their studies to achieve their goals.

We are proud that the work of the entire faculty of our Academy has been highly appreciated by students and alumni. After all, it is by two indicators: “Student Assessment” and “Alumni Assessment” that Bolashaq Academy takes the third place in the ranking of the best humanitarian and economic universities of the country.

You can see the results of the rating on the website of  IQAA and “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”

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