Tuberculosis: don’t forget to have an X-ray

On March 9 doctor of Bolashaq Academy S.G. Kuur met with students of groups K 19/1, K 20/2, J 20/1, J 19/2, J 20/2, K 21/1, KR 21/1, PMNO 21/1. She reminded about the rules in force to prevent coronavirus infection. She told about prevention of tuberculosis and necessity of timely fluorography examinations.

Tuberculosis is an infectious (contagious) disease that develops when tuberculosis bacteria enter the body. The main organ that is affected by the disease is the lungs. In some cases it can be tuberculosis of the bones, joints, kidneys, genitals, eyes, intestines and other organs.

People between 17 and 40 years old have 75% of TB patients.

Examination for TB for citizens of Kazakhstan who are registered in medical institutions is free of charge.

SYMPTOMS OF TUBERCULOSIS: cough, sputum, chest pains, hemoptysis, weakness, fatigue, sweating, and fever

If you have had a cough for more than two weeks, you should see a doctor urgently and be examined for tuberculosis. The main diagnostic method is an X-ray examination.

With early detection and correct treatment, TB patients get completely cured.

For the prevention of disease it is necessary to have an X-ray once a year.

Ask Svetlana Geraldovna Kuur, a doctor at Bolashaq Academy, about the monthly schedule of fluorography.

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