Training seminar on the topic “Curatorial activity, its tasks and features of the organization”

On May 29, a training seminar for curators of academic groups on the topic “Curatorial activity, its tasks and organization features” was held at the Bolashaq Academy.

Purpose of the seminar:

-Familiarization with curatorial activities and its main tasks and organizational features;

-Improving the forms and methods of education through improving the pedagogical skills of curators;

-Providing methodological assistance to curators on the organization of the formation of cooperation.

The vice-rector for SVR Ismailova R. N. made a presentation on the topic “Documents of the teacher-curator”, explained and familiarized the curators with the materials and methods of filling in during the year.

During the seminar, teachers-curators Mekadilova S. K., Otynshieva G. K., Tukubaeva G. N. made presentations on the topic “Forms of work with students”, shared their work experience, conducted a reflection.

The training seminar for teachers-curators was organized at a high level and achieved its goal.

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