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The electronic version of the next issue of the student newspaper “LiMoNaD” is available on our website.

On May 31, our country celebrates the sorrowful date – the day of memory of the victims of political repression and hunger.

For “Bolashaq” Academy this date is especially close. For many years our Academy, headed by Professor Dulatbekov N.O., Doctor of Law, has been working on the project “Karlag: Memory for the Future”.

The Academy held the second International Youth Essay Contest “Karlag: Memory for the Future”, the results of which can be found both on the website and in the issue. The works of the guys who received the Grand Prix in the contest are presented to your attention.

May 9 this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people in the fight against fascist Germany. Over 27 million people died in that terrible war. They were people of different nationalities and religions.

The task of this generation is not to forget those years and not to let it happen again.

Every family was affected by the war.

“Bolashak’s Immortal Regiment” is a project dedicated to the memory of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, teachers, staff and students of our Academy.

We must remember the price they paid for the Victory, the price they paid for the world we live in.

These and other materials have been published in the May issue of LiMoNaD.


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