The final conference on pedagogical practice in the group of P&P-18-1

On April 9, 2021 was the final conference on pedagogical practice in the group of PI-18-1. Supervisor – senior lecturer of the Department of P&P Shegai Anel Kanatovna.

The pedagogical practice took place during the period from January 25 to April 3, 2021 without separation from the educational process (1 time a week, every Monday, off-line). Practice passed on the basis of school-lyceum No. 101, the supervisor from school was the teacher-psychologist Topayeva Araylym Zhaskayratovna.

The basic purposes of passing of practice:

To form students’ ability to connect theoretical knowledge with practice in the complex preparation of the teacher;
To apply psychological, pedagogical and social knowledge in various spheres of human life and to conduct scientific psychological and pedagogical social research;
To develop students’ ability to accurately, comprehensively comprehend factual material.

During pedagogical practice the following kinds of works were carried out: observation of the main types of work of school psychologist and social pedagogue, drawing up a social and psychological passport of the school, observation of relations “teacher-student, student-student, parent-teacher-student”, conducting a sociometric technique, social and psychological self-attestation of the group as a collective (SPSS), the technique “Determination of the index of group cohesion Sishore”, conducting educational activities.

As recommendations, the students proposed to increase the period of practice and to conduct with a break from the educational process in order to fully immerse themselves in practical activities.

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